About the Shiocton Shooting Range

The Shiocton Shooting Range is a Public Firearms Range, located northwest of Appleton.  The Shiocton Shooting Range is located inside Shiocton Lake Park in the Village of Shiocton.  The rifle and archery range can be accessed by entering the Park and following Lake Park St. past the baseball diamonds and around the back side of the swim lake.  The handgun range is to the east (left) of the swim lake.

The range was first opened in 1971.  It was built with contributions from the Pittman Robertson Funds (derived from Federal taxes on firearms and ammunitions sales), The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and the NRA Foundation.

In 1996 the range underwent some extensive renovations.  Shadows on the Wolf purchased a large piece of property and donated the property to the Village of Shiocton.  This piece of property is what the 50/100/200-300/500 yard range sits on today.

In 2014-2015, the range underwent more extensive renovations, about $600,000, due to a recreational trail, Newton Blackmour, placed just south of the side berm on the 200/300 yard range.   Berms were reconstructed creating a 50 and 100 yard range.   There is a concrete wall separating the 2 ranges.  The 500 yard range was moved to the north and the 200/300 yard range was placed were the 500 yard was.   A gravel road separates the 500 yard and the 200/300 yard range.  The gravel road allows you to drive down with your vehicle and check your target.   Additional berm was added to finish the 20 foot plus side berm to separate the 200/300 yard range from the recreational trail.  Additional impact berm was added for the 500 yard.

New to the range is the Range Safety Officer Utility Shed where Range Safety Officers who donate their time will be available at various times to ensure range safety. The Educational Facility is on the list for upcoming projects.  This will be used for firearm educational training and certifications.

Range Usage Fees Required: $10 daily (for all ranges) or $60 annually (Jan. 1st-Dec. 31st).   All shooters using the range MUST read the range rules and sign a form indicating that they agree to abide by the rules, BEFORE SHOOTING.  Each shooter must fill out a daily pass and have a daily stub when on the range.

If you are interested in, making donations to the range or becoming a Range Safety Officer, please contact us at 920-986-3415.

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