Rules ~ Shiocton Shooting Range

Shiocton Range Rules

Range Usage:
            All vehicles shall be parked in the designated parking area.  No driving or parking on the grass.

  • Range is to be used as posted.
  • Authorized Range Volunteers shall report all shooting violations witnessed to the Shiocton Police Department. Usage shall comply with all Pitman Robertson Grant Regulations, DNR contracts and all other applicable grant restrictions used in construction and upkeep of the range.
  • Please remember to call ahead for hours of operation. The range may be closed from time to time for maintenance and training.   (Check calendar for range availability, see below.)

Range Fees:

Pay Stations will be at each range entrances.

$10.00 per shooter for all ranges or $60.00 annual pass (Fees collected are used for improvements to the range.) Each shooter must have a daily pass completed and a stub when on the range.

Before Use:

  • Raise the Red Range Flag located at firing line, only on the 200/300/500 yd range.
  • Inspect Range for hazards (including children and animals) prior to use.
  • All Range users are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting.
  • Abuse of range safety rules and safe shooting rules will result in penalties and/or loss of privileges of the firearms range.
  • All shooters are responsible to immediately correct any unsafe conditions.  If you observe an unsafe condition that you are unable to correct, report it immediately to range attendant or the Shiocton Police Department (920-986-3294) Monday thru Friday excluding Holidays from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm or (920) 832-5000 after hours.
  • Pets other than service animals, are not allowed on the Shooting Range unless they are contained the owner’s vehicle.

General Safety Rules
Failure to comply with any of the General Safety or Specific Range Rules may result in fines and/or loss of shooting privileges at the range.

  • Designate a Range Safety Officer when none is present or assigned when there is an organized shoot.
  • It is the responsibility of all Range Users to know and obey all range rules.  Before using the range for the first time, all users must read the Range Rules and agree to abide by the rules.
  • Know where others are at all times.
  • Do not handle a firearm or stand at the firing line while others are downrange.
  • While others are down range, all shooters must step away from the firing line.
  • Stop shooting immediately upon the command “Cease firing.”
  • All firearms on the firing line shall be handled in a safe manner
  • Keep the muzzle direction downrange at all times or under your control
  • Keep finger off the trigger until ready to fire
  • Keep all firearms unloaded and all actions open until on the firing line and ready to fire
  • Any firearms requiring maintenance shall be removed from the firing line to a designated safety area ONLY after it has been cleared of all ammunition
  • Keep the action of the firearm open at all times except when actually shooting or holstering the firearm
  • Shoot only at paper targets. Homemade and commercially available shooting stands will not be allowed.  No shooting at unauthorized targets (cans, bottles, boxes, fruit, spinners, appliances, exploding targets, etc.).  At no time shall any individual discharge a firearm in a manner that potentially jeopardizes the safety of others. This may include shooting at target stands or frames, any object containing glass, or any such material that may cause potentially dangerous debris.  Shoot only so that the projectile impacts the backstop berm.
  • All shooters are required to pick up all paper targets they used and all spent ammunition casing when finished with shooting.  Failure to retrieve such targets and casing shall be considered littering and subject the violator to fines and/or loss of shooting privileges at the range.
  • Everyone within close proximity to an active firing line should wear eye and ear protection at all times.  Spectators should also wear ear and eye protection on the firing line.
  • Prior to leaving the firing line, a shooter must unload and make their firearm safe
  • Obey all commands from Village staff/attendant or law enforcement
  • All range users are personally responsible for range safety and safe shooting
  • Politely and positively respond when corrected concerning a violation of Range rules

After Use

  • Shooters must clean their area after each use
  • Remove “live” or “dud” ammunition from the range.  Police your area after firing by placing all trash, “spent” casings, shells, boxes, etc. in the appropriate containers provided.
  • All shooters are required to pick up all targets they used and all spent ammunition casing when finished with shooting.  Failure to retrieve such targets and casing shall be considered littering and subject the violator to possible fines and loss of shooting privileges at the range.
  • Remove and discard your paper targets.  Keep the Range clean.  Failure to do so can result in fines and/or loss of shooting privileges.
  • Secure all range equipment
  • Last person leaving the Range must lower the Red Range Flag

Specific Range Rules

  • All shooting will be in authorized areas only
  • Respect others and their equipment
  • All persons before using the range for the first time must read the Range Rules and agree to abide by the rules.
  • Safety briefing to be given to all groups, organizations, clubs, etc., before any shooting takes place
  • Adult supervision is required for all shooters under the age of 14 years of age.  Shooters under the age of 14 years old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult designated by the parent or guardian.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated by anyone at the range
  • No one shooter to be permitted more than four (4) firearms per visit or no more than one (1) hour of shooting time.  Exception – no one else waiting to shoot
  • No one shooter shall use more than one shooting bench at a time
  • Only firearms of .223 or greater Caliber allowed at the 200/300/500 yard range.
  • Only Pistol and Pistol Caliber firearms may be fired on the handgun range.  No AR 15, .223 Caliber, or shot guns.      (Exceptions- Law Enforcement.)
  • All target materials will be paper or cardboard.  Shoot N C targets are acceptable. 
  • NO spinners, exploding targets, clays, bottles, cans, boxes, fruit, and appliances.
  • No skeet or clay target shooting
  • Shooters are responsible for removing their target material
  • Shooters are responsible for picking up all their brass/shell casings
  • Litterers will be cited for violations
  • No firearms or devices may be used on the range that exceed the design specifications without the prior approval of the Village Board or Police Chief
  • Department of Natural Resources will cite any and all violators pertaining to DNR rules/regulations
  • All violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of any and all Federal, State, County and Village ordinances.
  • All violators are subject to expulsion from the range complex.

The Range Rules shall be enforced by the Village of Shiocton Police Department
Forfeitures for Violations of Section 12-1-1 (c)

  • Village ordinances
    Trespassing  11-3-8(a)    $187.00
    Range Rules   12-1-1        $124.00
    Littering         11-3-2        $313.00

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